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Create a new document, using Microsoft Word application and type the text below, using Arial Font, size 12pt, bold and italics.



888th, V. Olgas

Thessaloniki 54645


Then leave two empty lines. Insert a 3 rows and 2 columns table to display the following data:


TitleDurationINFO-start70 hoursINFO-advanced50 hours


The words INFO-start and INFO-advanced should be red. The words Title and Duration should be bold and italic.

At the end of the table insert a manual page break.


Insert the text Photos, center-aligned, bold and underlined on the new page.

Insert the photo tsitsanis.jpg, saved in the IL-ates\Files folder on your Desktop on the next line and align it in center.


Insert right aligned page numbers on the footer on the whole document.

Insert the text INFOWhat on the left part of the header. Save the document as test1.doc to the IL-ates\Files folder on your Desktop and exit the application.



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